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Agile forms of work and organization in Switzerland

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The trend towards more agility can also be felt in Switzerland, and so numerous large and small companies are embarking on the agile transformation path. The IAP Institute for Applied Psychology has set itself the task of investigating the changes in the context of agile transformations in a science-based manner. The focus is always on people. This is also the case in the third study on the world of work 4.0, which focuses on agile forms of work and organization in Switzerland. Only interview partners from companies and organizations who know agile transformation from their own experience were selected for the study.

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Digitization: phases and tasks of HR

Agility, change management, digital HR, digital leadership, digital change, digitization, sustainability, transformation

In times of digitization, companies need employees with the necessary skills. The human resources department can and should provide significant support in this regard. A talent management specialist has summarized the areas in which this is possible and shows five phases of digitization.

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Don't be afraid of digitization, HR!

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Digital Human Resource Management

Digital change is changing everything – also in personnel management? Deloitte shows how HR can benefit from digitization.

Companies that are not now dealing with the issues of digital transformation could quickly be left behind.

For the digitization in society and markets, the management needs a business strategy that thinks about the digital change at all times. HR needs the same. HR management must retain digital talent, expand the digital skillset of the existing workforce and ensure an organizational culture that promotes digital transformation issues.

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Scalable Agility - From agile to digital transformation

Agility, employer attractiveness, digital HR, digital leadership, digital change, digitization, management models, sustainability, transformation

Agile transformation? Another new buzzword in the age of digitization? The question cannot be answered with a clear yes or no. The fact is that digitization is changing the requirements and expectations of customers.


This Lünendonk study provides answers on how large companies and corporations are preparing for digitization. For the study, 26 large companies and corporations with sales of more than one billion euros were examined. For this purpose, telephone and personal interviews were held with executives and managers who are responsible for the changeover to agile working methods in their companies.

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