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Employer branding: Measures to increase employer attractiveness

Employer attractiveness, employer branding, management models, sustainability, recruiting

The labor market has changed – and not only that. Demographic change is also leaving its mark there. In many industries, the “war for talent”, i.e. the fight for qualified employees, has already broken out. In order to attract new employees and keep old ones over the long term, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to present themselves as attractive employers. In this article you can read how employer branding helps to increase employer attractiveness and what measures are necessary to implement a successful employer branding strategy.

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Make the onboarding of new employees successful

Onboarding/training, management models, sustainability, recruiting

The successful onboarding of new employees is becoming increasingly important in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Is your onboarding process already running optimally or is there room for improvement? Find out how onboarding software or onboarding apps can help in this top topic.


  • Make the onboarding of new employees successful
  • Onboarding: phases and elements
  • Standardize and automate the onboarding process
  • Support through onboarding platforms
  • Support through onboarding apps

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Digital Healthcare Index 2019

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First insight:
Digital leadership is still more of a dream than a reality

The evaluation of the first part of our industry-wide online survey in 2019 shows interesting divergences: Although more than half of the managers in the healthcare industry rate digitization as positive, almost a quarter (22%) even as very positive, the majority of managers rate it at the same time IT/online skills, disruptive thinking or the ability to take criticism as rather unimportant leadership skills in the bottom third. In May 2019, 110 managers from the healthcare sector took part in the first survey round of the study, which determined the status quo of digital transformation and the associated changes in the healthcare sector over a period of five years.

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Next Level HR

Digital HR, digital leadership, digital change, digitization, management models, sustainability, transformation

The HR function is under scrutiny – more closely than ever before. Because of the success-critical importance of employer branding and recruiting, management quality and employee loyalty, strategic personnel planning and organizational development, HR professionals are in demand who create values in a solution-oriented, professional and binding manner: for the company and for the people who work in it. The HR function is therefore at a crossroads: either the change to becoming a strategic partner of management will succeed – or HR will ultimately sink into insignificance because it no longer lives up to its responsibility as the sovereign of change.

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