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Achieving Sustainable Growth Through Hyper-Relevance

How does your business stay relevant now and in the long term?

By constantly renewing itself.

Every company today strives for sustainable growth. In order to achieve this, a solid and loyal customer base is a prerequisite. Many companies have found that the traditional concept of customer loyalty is a thing of the past. Today, the roles are reversed: In order to remain competitive and relevant to consumers, companies must continuously develop their products, their services and their marketing strategies and adapt them to the needs of their customers.

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All Agile Organization Study

Digital HR, digital leadership, digital change, digitization, transformation

Potentials of agility often remain unused – The agile maturity of companies was evaluated along eight dimensions. None is strongly positive across all companies – so there is high untapped potential in all dimensions, even though more than 2/3 of the companies surveyed are subject to high to very high pressure to change.

Where is it most worth investing in agilization? The study results from Kienbaum show essential levers for increasing agility and thus for optimizing time-to-market and customer satisfaction.

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Digitization: phases and tasks of HR

Change Management, Digital HR, Digital Leadership, Digital Change, Digitization, Transformation

In times of digitization, companies need employees with the necessary skills. The human resources department can and should provide significant support in this regard. A talent management specialist has summarized the areas in which this is possible and shows five phases of digitization.

The HR department, integrated processes and a digitized HR environment can support the entire digital transformation of companies. When it comes to attracting digital specialists, companies must first invest in digitization themselves, because top talents with digital skills want to offer a suitable work environment, according to SumTotaI, provider in the field of talent management.

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Survival Strategy - Digital Leadership

Digital HR, digital leadership, digitization, management models, transformation

“The winners of the digital transformation will be those who establish paradigm shifts as the standard in their own company and keep creating new business models”

Andreas Harting, Managing Director

Our study, which analyzed 102 companies from the US, Europe and Asia across various industries – including leisure and travel, hospitality, financial services, retail, consumer goods, media and automotive – shows that the CDOs already established in these industries on a can look back on a very varied professional career.

core issues

  • Digital is the new normal
  • Cross-industry effects of digitization
  • Effective transformation of traditional companies
  • Individual management models for the digital transformation

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