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Human resources management 4.0 white paper

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The most important basics for the successful digitization of HR

In our whitepaper you will learn what you need to consider when moving your HR work to the cloud and why you shouldn’t ignore the cloud. In addition, we give you an overview of important studies and let different experts have their say on the subject of digitization of HR. We highlight the most important fields of application in which digital HR management is worthwhile and explain why digitization is so important, especially in the area of recruiting and talent management. Another article addresses the typical mistakes made when digitizing HR and how you can avoid them. Finally, everything revolves around why “just start” is probably the most important tip for successful digitization. Our whitepaper is rounded off by an explanation of the most important buzzwords such as machine learning, analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Digital HR - HR on the way to a new age

Digital HR, digitization

From trend to corporate reality: What do HR departments need to tackle for digital HR?

Digitization shapes our everyday life and our working world. Companies and HR departments can no longer ignore this megatrend if they want to remain competitive. Deloitte describes the implications for the HR function and how to address them.

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